Custom & Bespoke

  • - Work with you to outline project / product brief
  • - Determine timelines for key elements of the design / manufacturing process
  • - Provide preliminary design concept drawings
  • - Arrange prototypes to the be manufactured
  • - Evaluate and improve on prototype as required
  • - Plan and agree rollout
  • - Assign a Project Manager to act as a single point of contact for all aspects of roll out

Here at MedicalMounts we understand that there isn't always a perfect product for every requirement off the shelf. That's why we like to work with our customers to create a product that is exactly what they need rather than give them a product that is similar to what they want.

We have had extensive experience working with many NHS Trust's to design, prototype, install and then maintain mounts for wards, patient monitor systems and even back office setups.

With the NHS aiming to be completely paperless by the year 2018 there has been no better time to consider installing a unique, state of the art medical mounting solution into your premises whether that be for monitors, monitors and keyboards, or full computer workstations.