Electronic Patient Record Systems

With the aim to make the NHS paperless by the year 2018, EPR systems are now widely used across many trusts and private medical institutions. An EPR negates the need for physical paper notes to be moved from one department to other potentially causing delays. Instead the entire medical history of patients will be stored in one place and can be accessed quickly and easily when needed.

Benefits of using EPR:

All hospital staff involved in a patients treatment will be able to share test results and diagnoses immediately with one another.

Prevents any unnecessary delays or filing errors generated in the movement of traditional paper notes.

Reduces the cost of maintaining and archiving patient records.

Potential cross facility benefits (Once discharged your prescription could automatically be raised at your local pharmacy).


MedicalMounts are experienced in providing small footprint, ergonomically designed workstation solutions to allow clinicians to access EPR’s in both sitting and standing operations. Our range of keyboard and monitor mounds can be installed to the desk, wall, ceiling or floor reducing the physical footprint required to accommodate an EPR workstation. Ergonomic wall mounted laptop supports are also available if you’re considering a wireless EPR solution.