Patient Entertainment Systems

In the past few years Patient Entertainment Systems or P.E.S. have evolved to cover a wide range of devices, applications and functions. In the modern medical world PES is no longer as simple as a radio or television set; they can now provide a number of key services such as:


  • - Television
  • - Radio
  • - Video on Demand
  • - Internet
  • - Phone
  • - Games
  • - Video Calls
  • - Patient Surveys


But how do you then provide patients easy access to the system at their beside? Because a majority of MedicalMounts products have been designed specifically for use in medical environments they can be cleaned with hospital grade bleach solutions and also offer a wide range of movement. Whether you’re looking for a wall, ceiling or even floor mounted P.E.S. mount we have a product that would be suitable for your requirements.


Implementing a P.E.S. to your facility can be a daunting task. The initial investment might seem high but the added benefit of using a MedicalMounts arm is that they often last for years without any need for repairs or replacements. We can also provide an excellent installation and servicing scheme that will keep all of your Patient Entertainment Mounts in excellent working condition.


Our installation goals are safety, durability and functionality. We accomplish this by using the highest quality installation materials and highly trained installation technicians. Because your installation can be taking place in occupied areas, our staff will take great care in communicating and coordinating with you to minimise the impact in these areas.


Our installers have been trained in infection control procedures in multiple medical environments.


Our installers have received Authorised Factory Certification training on all of the products we provide so you can also be assured no one is more qualified for the installation. Utilising our services ensures you receive the full benefits of warranty and service.


A typical installation would cover:


  • - Creating an initial site plan.
  • - Discuss infection control issues.
  • - Create a patient interaction plan.
  • - Review execution of plans with appropriate staff.
  • - Stage equipment and installation materials.
  • - Install equipment.
  • - Utilise clean installation methods during installation.
  • - Install computer/TV equipment onto mounting solutions (if required).
  • - Complete cable management.
  • - Adjust equipment and test functionality.
  • - Power on, and test all attached equipment.
  • - Clean area and remove all remaining installation debris and packaging.
  • - Train staff members how to use, adjust, clean and if requested, maintain the arm and cable assemblies.


If you would like more information on how we can help with your P.E.S. needs contact us today.