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Eizo Flexscam MX-Series DICOM Monitors

Eizo & MedicalMounts

Eizo Monitors for Clinical Review...

MedicalMounts is now an authorised Eizo distributor. This new partnership enables clients new & old to benefit from ranges of quality support arms for LCD monitors as well as specialist DICOM compliant Clinical Review monitors from a single supply point.

MedicalMounts is committed to providing products which only meet the exacting quality of the MedicalMounts product range. We also insist on the highest levels of reliabibilty and service that our customers expect from us.

In conjunction with Eizo, we are proud to be able to offer a range of Clinical Review Monitors that meet these exacting standards and are an excellent compliment to the MedicalMounts range of support arms & stands.

Not all monitors are the same, and care must be taken when selecting a monitor for medical (and even dental) installations if viewing consistancy is to be achieved.

Display Differs depending Upon Greyscale Tones

Standard monitors for general use have greyscale tone characteristics which may vary even between the same models. In the medical field, monitors must display medical images properly & consistantly. Digital Imaging & Communications in Medicine (DICOM) Part 14 specifies a display function for greyscale which is now used as a standard to adjust the greyscale tone characteristics of monitors used in the medical field.

EIZO MX Series Clinical Review Monitors with Calibration to DICOM Part 14 Standard

Medical images can now be reviewed with patient charting applications. However, it is costly for hospitals to install high-performance, DICOM calibration compatible medical display monitors throughout the entire hospital.

With the bundled RdioCS LE quality control software installed, a self-diagnosis function using built in backlight sensor periodically checks the brightness of Flexscan MX-Series monitors. When a change in the brightness is detected, the self-calibration function performs a simplified calibration compliant with the DICOM Part 14 standard to correct greyscale tones, brightness and colour coordinates of the monitor.

Flexscan MX-Series
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