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EPR Electronic Patient Records System Solutions

PatientVu - Patient Viewing Systems

LCD TV / Monitor Mount Solutions

MedicalMounts are experienced in providing patient bedside television installations. Patients are provided with the ability to view television whist in the comfort of their own bed or sitting in a side chair. Both sitting and laying positions are catered for by the user adjustable TV hospital arm

Many UK NHS trusts have decided to provide their own solutions to enable patients to view television whilst in hospital rather than source third party pay per view solutions. This allows trusts to fulfil its government directed obligations whilst not forcing patients to buying into expensive pay per view time.

Benefits of MedicalMounts PatientVu in Brief:
  • Increase in patients viewing choice
  • Patients are more relaxed as they are entertained
  • Patients experience as greater sense of well being
  • User adjustable mounting solutions
  • AV distribution scalable to meet client needs

Installations of PatientVu will be tailored to best suit the existing building structure, bed plans, and clinicians activities. Both wall mount and ceiling TV mount options are available.

The Elite Rex wall mount (EMELR5280-WT-QG) installed on the wall behind the patients head board allows viewing in both sitting and laying position on the bed as well as in a seated position at the bedside. Able bodied patients can easily reposition the TV screen without the assistance from medical staff via the gas assisted TV arms. The TV screen can be extended out fully from the wall for viewing and then folded / stowed flat to the wall when not in use. Clinicians requiring speedy access to the patient can clear the TV screen and arm from in front of the patient to a folded position within seconds.

New build wards can also benefit from further space saving by ceiling mounting the TV screen above the patient. The Elite (EMEL5120CMQ1-2) LCD TV ceiling mount installed within a new build children's ward enabled viewing from both bed and bedside. The TV screen can be repositioned with ease via the gas assisted TV arm. The ceiling mounted option requires zero wall space so is often ideal for existing wards where wall space is limited.

Flexibility of supply only or supply and installation.

MedicalMounts work closely with trusts and private medical organisations to provide full flexibility on service levels from supply only through to supply, installation and demonstration. Prior to installation a full site survey is conducted

Our installation goals are Safety, Durability, Functionality and a Clean Installation. We accomplish this by using the highest quality installation materials and highly trained installation technicians. Because your installation can be taking place in occupied areas, our staff will take great care in communicating and coordinating with you to minimise the impact in these areas.

Our installers have been trained in infection control procedures in multiple medical environments.

Our installers have received Authorised Factory Certification training on all of the products we provide so you can also be assured no one is more qualified for the installation. Utilising our services ensures you receive full the full benefits of warranty and service.

A typical installation would cover:
  • 1. Create and initiate Site plan.
  • 2. Discuss Infection control issues.
  • 3. Create Patient Interaction plan.
  • 4. Review execution of plans with appropriate staff.
  • 5. Stage equipment and installation materials.
  • 6. Install equipment.
  • 7. Utilise clean installation methods during installation.
  • 8. Install computer / TV equipment onto mounting solutions (If required).
  • 9. Complete cable management.
  • 10. Adjust equipment and test functionality.
  • 11. Power on, and test all attached equipment.
  • 12. Clean area and remove all remaining installation debris and packaging.
  • 13. Document installation with serial numbers, room numbers, photo (if possible).
  • 14. Train staff members how to use, adjust, clean and if requested, maintain the arm and cable assemblies.