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EPR Electronic Patient Records System Solutions

PACS - Picture Archiving & Communication

LCD TV / Monitor Mount Solutions

MedicalMounts have built a wealth of experience providing solutions across the healthcare spectrum with PACS installations and solutions fast becoming a speciality...

PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) is the digital replacement for the hard copy film processing and storage systems that have been in use for the past 100 years. By using a near film-less process PACS allows images to be stored, viewed and transferred for a fraction of the cost of the old film system.

Benefits of P.A.C.S Systems:
  • Huge cost savings by way of film-less storage and re usable images
  • Vast improvements to waiting times for images to be processed
  • Contributing to the Governments 2008 target of the maximum 18 week patient journey
  • Improved diagnosis and ultimately better care by freeing up the clinician's time

MedicalMounts have built a wealth of experience providing solutions across the healthcare spectrum with PACS installations and solutions fast becoming a speciality.

The ICW Elite (EMELR5220-WT-KRXB-QG) combination monitor and keyboard arm shown left has been utilised in a large Orthopaedic Hospital for use within the theatres department specifically for PACS use.

Large scale viewing stations can be mounted using ErgoMounts MZ series of large format LCD and plasma wall mounts. The Elite Rex LCD arm allows theatre staff a full metre of ergonomic height and reach adjustment on both the LCD monitor and keyboard. Clinicians can comfortably access records and process images onto the 37" dual/triple screen set up.

Where space is a limitation MedicalMounts are also able to offer the ideal wall mounted monitor & keyboard solution with either a single or dual screen option.

The Ultra 390 (EMUL390TSQ1-0-3) single monitor wall track or the Ultra 390 (EMUL390WMX12-T36-KB) dual screen wall track mount offers a height adjustable compact solution; extension arms are also available for both monitor & keyboard if required. Used in conjunction with the EZ series (EMCPUFF-QG) CPU wall mount to create a complete PACS viewing station with a zero footprint on the floor.

PACS is usually a hospital wide application with many clinicians needing access to patient data and images. MedicalMounts have a wide range of desk top solutions suitable for PACS applications.

The VisionPro 300 series multiple LCD monitor stand system is available in a variety of configurations up to and including 8 screens mounted on a freestanding, bolt through or desk clamp fitting.

The EMVP313FS is the ideal desk top mounting solution accommodating three LCD monitors horizontally whilst providing parabolic viewing. The VisionPro 300 series includes the ability to add further monitors if required via its modular design.

The biggest advantage of utilising a MedicalMounts solution is there is no need for any additional hardware or software. Our solutions are designed to compliment any existing PACS installation without the need to adapt current equipment or operating systems.

MedicalMounts do not tie the end user to any equipment contracts and we are happy to have as much or as little involvement from start to finish whether it is a simple procurement of units or a full site survey to installation service.

Our fully trained installation team follow the highest standards of workmanship, infection control and safety management. We strive to be sympathetic to operational issues and patient welfare by working closely with healthcare professionals to ensure disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.

We have installation experience in both new build and refurbishment projects ranging from single room set ups to complete hospital upgrades.

MedicalMounts are committed to being at the forefront the ongoing PACS roll out and its future developments.