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The Medserve Hallway Medication Storage Device

Medserve Cabinet

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  • - Improves nurse work-flow
  • - Reduces trips to the pharmacy
  • - Increases nurse time for patient interaction
  • - Complies with ADA and Joint Commission standards


Nurses spend significant time retrieving medication and supplies, walking as much as 5 miles per shift. Medserve™ securely locates medication and supplies near patient rooms, which significantly reduces nurse trips to the pharmacy and allows them to focus on patient care. Increasing available time for nurses to interact with patients reduces patient injuries, infections and medication errors while increasing patient satisfaction.


Multiple Patient Storage

Six removable patient bins are amply sized and individually locked. A large, secure supply storage area and work surface is also included.


Efficient Medication Delivery

A removable cassette allows all patient bins to be easily transported and filled in the pharmacy in one trip.


Smart Software

A built in computer provides secure access control with multi-level management and access history. The Medserve software can be managed locally or from a central computer networked with multiple Medserve cabinets.


The Medserve has two main modes of operation:


Nurse Controlled

Nurses fill and dispense medications from the Medserve™. The removable cassette is transported to the pharmacy fill all patient bins in one trip. Once the cassette is returned to the Medserve™, patient medications become securely located near patients’ rooms.

Pharmacy Controlled

The pharmacy controlled modality further improves efficiency by allowing pharmacy staff to directly fill patient bins in Medserve™ and inventory medication by scanning medication barcodes into the Medserve™ software. Nurses can then access individual patient bins and log the medication retrieved, reducing the opportunity for errors. Electronic reports provided to pharmacy reconcile the medications inventoried, when medications were dispensed and who dispensed them.